Rongali Festival

Rongali Festival – Guwahati | Event Managed by – Trend MMS

Rongali Festival 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 – Guwahati aims at celebrating the cultural diversity of Assam and to promote tourism. Last four years, Rongali was attended by lakhs of people, tourists all over the country, tour operators, national media personalities all over the country. Rongali was extensively covered in national media all over India and it has become a meeting point of various tribes and communities of Assam.

Rongali, the most popular Festival of Assam is organized to showcase Assam as destination and to promote the spectacular crafts of the region Assam Handloom and Textiles has been a major focus of Rongali. Each edition of Rongali has seen large exhibition of handloom and handicraft products of Assam. The focus of Rongali has been on two folds, building bridges amongst the tribes and communities of Assam through culture and showcasing the state in terms of textiles and tourism potential.

Over the years,Rongali has presented spectacular handloom and textile potential of Assam, and presented a platform for weavers, artisans of the region for doing brisk business, a fashion platform which has created many top designers of Assam. Some of Assam’s top Designer such as Sanjkuta Dutta, Bidyut Bikash Bhagwati and many others has started their career through Rongali. Likely several top textile entrepreneurs have started their career from this platform.